Samantha Truong, Day 3

Today, I ate breakfast and dinner, but no lunch. I ran out of time to cook pasta in the kitchen, so I skipped lunch and drank a cup of almond milk instead. This did not help with the hunger. One thing I have realized is how much time it takes to save money. I am so used to lining up 5 minuets for a sandwich at the nearest fast food joint – having to bus off campus to buy groceries and then cook my meals can easily take four to six hours out of my day, which I cannot commit to in the middle of mid-term season.

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Fact of the day (taken by bill @

Number of People on Welfare in BC
In August 2014, there were 177,778 people on welfare in BC. The number of people on welfare has stayed around 180,000 since 2010, when the recession hit BC. The majority of people on welfare, 108,051, are people with disabilities. There are over 20,000 people with some barriers to work, but not enough qualify for the disability rate. The number of people on welfare expected to work is 41,581. This is still nearly 10,000 up on the number 2008, before the recession.

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