Kate Kysow, Day2

Headaches kicking in

Who wants coffee???

Made it to Day 2 and was excited for breakfast! I had a microwave mug cake of oats, banana, an egg, and brown sugar. It was good…but lacking in coffee. I didn’t think coffee was such a part of my routine, but with two days and not having any, I miss it a lot! There’s something about standing in line at a café and getting a nice, warm cup of coffee that really brightens up a typical day. It makes me sad to think people on welfare don’t get to have the same treats I give myself. Vancouver has so many amazing food places and it’s not fair that only a portion of our society gets to enjoy them.

It was a pretty hectic day today, but luckily aside from the headaches and feeling tired I didn’t have a rumbling tummy! Once I got home I made a batch of ‘welfare cookies’ aka oats/banana/sugar. They were pretty good, but set beside my roommates Reese’s PB cookies, there was a clear winner.

Everyone I tell about the challenge always suggests ways to cheat, like getting free food from work or stealing little things like sugar sachets. I think it’s really important to not cheat, because $21 is apparently the amount our government feels is enough for people to live off of and I want to show them that it’s not. We shouldn’t expect people on welfare to find ways to cheat the system, the system should support them. So thank you everyone for the ideas, but I’m going to do this one by the book. 🙂

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