Kate Hoffard, Day 3

Day 3 marked the reintroduction of tea into my life, and it was such a blessing. I had a tiny pinch of loose-leaf tea with with apple cinnamon oatmeal at breakfast (forgot to take a photo before I dug in, hence the half eaten bowl).

Photo of Kate Hoffard's meals on day 3 of the 2014 Welfare Food Challenge

I saved the small amount for a second cup of tea after lunch; much weaker, and not my usual practice, but it was tea all the same. This week is about compromise. Lunch was a spice-roasted warm chickpea and apple salad with cilantro. For dinner, I got creative and made oat flour out of the oatmeal to make some falafel from the chickpeas, combined with a coleslaw. I’m almost out of chickpeas now, and starting to run low on the cabbage as well. I’ll have to be careful for the next few days. As an explanation, I’m taking 3rd Annual #WelfareFoodChallenge, from Oct 16-22, organized by @raisetherates2014 to raise welfare rates; BC’s rates haven’t changed in 7 years. I have $21 this week for all my food. #raisetherates

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