Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Jay-Ann Gilfoy is a Senior Vice President at Vancity Savings Credit Union. Her current responsibilities include leading a transformation program including the replacement of Vancity’s core banking system. Jay-Ann has held executive positions and leadership roles in organizational development, change leadership and business transformation in financial services, government and private sector. She is a Human Resource professional by training and designation with many years of senior HR experience. Jay-Ann is passionate about health, leadership and family.

Why I’m taking the challenge
Health is truly the foundation of our communities and it starts with fueling our bodies with proper nutrients. If everyone had the ability to live healthy we would have healthier people, thus creating stronger communities. As a proponent to healthy living, I believe everyone should have the ability to make healthy food choices and the fact that some people cannot is an important issue. Let’s raise awareness to people who have to live and eat with so little money.

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