Chantelle Sutton, Day 2

On my way into my office this morning I see this: a woman packing up her bedding after spending the night in a covered back door of a business.

I know her. She is the girlfriend of one of my clients. I said hi and she happily gave my dog some love.

And it got me thinking, with her $21 a week she can’t buy instant oatmeal or Kraft dinner because where is she going to cook it? I highly doubt she had a camping stove and propane tucked into her grocery cart.

Well today was a boring food day. Oatmeal for breaky, PB and banana sandwich for lunch, popcorn for a snack, and scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.

I miss cheese!

I have about $10 (of the $42 for me and Alan) left. Going to have to get more eggs and bread and try for more veggies. You can’t get much variety on a limited budget.


(I may have just ate a finger full of peanut butter as dessert)

Alan is suffering through this like a trouper but tonight is a challenge. Friday night in our house is cocktail night. There is no room in our budget for scotch. Or beer. Or wine. Or bourbon. Or lemons. Or mix.

Gonna be a sad night.

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