Bif Naked, Day 2

I would like to thank all of you, from my entire heart, for sharing our story about Raise the Rates BC “Welfare Food Challenge” that has just started, (and will continue into next week) and I am extremely humbled by your attention.

There are MANY OTHER PEOPLE participating in this effort, and I encourage you to get to know them at I am completely blown away by the amount of comments, and want you to know I am ever grateful. The dialogue created is important to us, it’s compelling and engaging, and I hope that everyone reads much of it. EVEN those comments that you might not agree with…I respectfully honour everyone’s right to be heard, and see that it’s obvious people are very interested in discussing “poverty’. It is remarkable and good- the variety of comments and, even surprising. I did have to delete a few misogynistic and hateful comments, and feel badly about having to (but, I’m sure you can understand that some of them were so untoward, unexpected, and impolite)…I am still trying to leave many up, as they do inspire much debate and (hopefully,hopefully) lead to greater understanding, empathy, and compassion. I encourage everyone to examine their own feelings, as they rise for you.

“Poor-Bashing” is a very revealing action, and it is utterly oppressive. (Please examine why you would be doing that, and investigate your feelings and why that is triggering for you.) I want you to know that I am doing the challenge because it was available for all of us to do, and because i wanted to do something for my community. Speaking up is available to everyone. I am just one girl who happens to be participating. I would be participating if I was (still) a dishwasher, a doctor, or if I was a singer in a band. I am lending my voice to the chorus of voices trying to raise some awareness surrounding BC’s terrible record of poverty- the worst in Canada. Go to for more information. I am very proud to work with Raise The Rates and view them, and the other participants, as my teachers and mentors. And, I am further motivated and encouraged to earnestly seek ways to assist and advocate, and am better for knowing these fine activists. With love and gratitude I write this post. Namaste. xo Biffy xo

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