Samantha Truong, Day 2

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Friday was an eventful day. I woke up at 8:00am and ate my oatmeal. By 10:00am, I was already very hungry because my oatmeal was not very filling. So I began to eat my lunch at 10:00am. With no dipping sauce or salt, my lunch was very flavourless, and I actually only ate half of it because I didn’t like the taste. I would have rather been hungry then to eat my vegetables. And that says something on its own – I mean, I imagine those that are on welfare would, as well have some dietary restrictions and/or favour other meals over another. Not having my hummus or ranch sauce to use really brought my mood down. I didn’t like my veggies and when my co-workers went out for lunch, I stayed behind because I didn’t want to be tempted. When three o’clock hit, I went home and ate my dinner – pasta and tomato sauce with canned chick peas. I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t believe how out of touch I was when hungry. By then time eight o’clock hit, I ate my dinner portion, which was supposed to be saved for the following day. So now I am one dinner short, and will have to think of something because the last few days of my challenge looks like I will not have enough food.


I acknowledge that I am an able bodied, young, and privileged teen participating in this challenge. There have been times when I have been hungry in this challenge for just an hour or so and it’s been terrible. I was not nearly as efficient at work and school, nor was attentive in my conversations with friends. Having to actually experience welfare not through choice (as I am), is something I could not even imagine. We really need to raise the rates, because honestly, feeling hungry is crap.

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