Bif Naked, Day 1

As we acknowledge our abundant blessings TODAY, on World Food Day, I am starting my Raise the Rates BC Welfare Food Challenge, where I will eat from what I can buy myself with $21.00 FOR THE WHOLE WEEK.

The photos I have included show you the types of things I sometimes eat as a strong, healthy vegan individual (see Bif’s Facebook page). The photo with the papaya (and handfuls of organic spinach, organic cucumber, 4 organic zucchinis, 4 organic bananas, vegan protein powder, hempseeds, pea shoots, almonds, 2 organic Roma tomatoes, and an organic avocado) costs $45.00 Canadian. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE ON WELFARE.

And, even for me – it’s simply way too expensive. No matter how much variety I would like to have in my vegan diet, I rarely purchase things like papayas or “organic” zucchinis and cucumbers, as it’s just too expensive. I try to get local stuff when I am in Vancouver (and when I am in France, I buy local there, etc.)

The other photo is WHAT I WILL BE EATING FOR ONE WEEK, THIS week, at JUST $21.00: brown rice, 2 cans of chickpeas, 2 heads of (non-organic) iceberg lettuce, a pint of cherry tomatoes, six zucchinis, six bananas, and a bag of (non-organic) spinach. As per the Challenge, I am not to utilize food banks, friends’ offers, things I already own (including HOT SAUCE or MUSTARD or CUMIN, etc.) nor am I allowed to access anything not purchased this week for my 21 bucks. Think YOU can do it? YOU CAN JOIN THE WELFARE FOOD CHALLENGE HERE: and find out more about Welfare rates in your province and how we can all raise public awareness about the reality of life on welfare and how much change is needed for people living in poverty. We can work together, use our voices on behalf of others, and we really can make a difference. Good luck to all the Challenge Takers! And, Happy World Food Day.

Love, Biffy xoxo

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