Samantha Truong, Day 1

10:30am: I had some instant oatmeal, a box of Quaker oats that was on sale for $2.47, which included ten packets. This comes to 25 cents for breakfast. This was physically not very filling, but mentally it satisfied me and lasted me up until 3:00pm.


3:00pm – 6:00pm: that’s another story. I was hungry – more like “hangry” – while I was grocery shopping.

6:00pm: When I got home, I way too hungry to go in the kitchen and make something, so I boiled a kettle of water and made myself a pack of instant noodles. I bought a total of three packs – as I want to try to avoid junk food during this challenge. But honestly, a 29 cent meal was just way too tempting for my budget to not fully resist.


12:00am: I am hungry, and I need to stay up to finish this blog and my readings. I am tempted to just go to sleep to avoid this hunger, but I really need to finish this reading.

I spent a total of 54 cents today. Yes, that was very cheap but ate really unhealthily. I had two instant meals – my body is resenting me right now. Tomorrow, I will allow myself to eat a full $3.5 worth of food tomorrow and get some great nutritious food in me.

Photo of Samantha Truong and her groceries for the week

Day 1 – Complete. Good night, friends.

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