Alan Yu, Day 1

October 16th, 2014

Here we go! First day of the BC welfare food challenge. If you prefer to watch me go through my experience using video instead you can click play here:

For everyone else, read on. :) For those who don’t know, the purpose of this challenge is to demonstrate how people on welfare income assistance can barely make ends meat with the current provided funds of $610 per month. After all your other expenses are covered, it is stated that a person has about $21 a week left for food. The calculations was broken down like this:

You can also read this information on

As a result, regular people are challenged to see if they can realistically live on such a budget. When I read this I was thinking if a person like me can’t do it then the majority of others are in big trouble. It sounded like a good way to raise awareness about an important issue too and so my journey begins!

As you all may know, my main strengths in this challenge will be trying to find the best deals. I am not a dietician or chef for example and it will be interesting to potentially learn new things as I go. I did have to do some shopping a day before as I assumed if I had to eat something for the challenge today then I needed to have at least breakfast items.

My financial strategy for this was not really any different than what I would do on a regular basis. This involves researching deals ahead of time and trying to revolve meals and purchases around that. This is as opposed to say me stating “I want chicken” and spending more to buy that even if say fish is extremely cheap for the week.

I ended up spending the following so far:
Sunflower seeds (200g) – $1.88
Brown Rice (900g) -$1.97
Large Oats (1kg) – $2.47
Sesame Seed (200g) – $1.50
Peanut Butter (750g) – $2.99
Dozen Eggs – $2.29

Two cans of sardine (84g each) – $1.88
Two large packages of kale – $1

Total : $15.98

I wasn’t able to get this deal even though the site said there was stock in-store only to be told there wasn’t any. Would have been a good buy potentially though.
londondrugsWith that, I have $5.02 left to spend still. I didn’t want to spend everything as Fridays are usually new flyer days as well as price changes in stores. So I felt that I may potentially find better deals on things that I don’t have yet such as fruits. So far so good I think. I had oatmeal for breakfast and dinner was a mishmash of a lot of stuff. I am still kind of surprised how much vegetables I got for $1. If you have any suggestions for me too feel free to let me know.

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