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Natascha Trautmann

For 8 years I have been saying that there is not enough money for people on welfare, cpp and disability to eat proper food, nutritious food. Many eat pasta etc and yet hey spend millions on ad for us to loose weight. It takes a proper diet to loose weight. Malnutrition also causes weight gain http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/malnutrition-obesity_b_1324760.html and many more sites, I will do all I can.

As a child I was malnourished. I went to neighbors and asked if I could join them for lunch and they invited me in. I had to see a doctor after that and to my mothers amazement she learned I needed more food. I left home at 19.

Welfare gave me and others $25 to get food and no assistance with a place to live so 6 of us found an abandoned house and called the owner, We made an arrangement to rent for $100 per month so he agreed if the police never had to come. We put ourselves through school. We helped others our age, Some needed to go home some could not go home because of the severity of abuse.

I made my career and never looked back.

When I was working I had to hire a nanny to cover my shifts as they where 12 hours – that is 1200 plus cpc and ui every month and I was feeding three my child my nanny and myself. One gets inventive and can make something out of nothing and on wed and Sunday I always had something special. I baked and cooked everything. I had a freezer and bought all I could on sale. Even froze milk so there would be some at the end of the month.

When I became ill running from an abusive relation all of a sudden I had to get food at the food bank as all my assets where used, It was a hard climb to get disability and I had to hire a lawyer. Budget was tight until financial things fell into place.

Ok now but when I go on to cpp I will face this all over again. I cannot complain as I have basic coverage and yet food is 200 per month. I do not know what those do that make less have no pension and some that live in low income housing are better off. Where does one rent a place for 450 in these days where does the single parent go?

I have a little garden and can get some vegetables and Kale grows during the winter. I do wish we all had access to a little land. A little space that has flooring, fridges, stoves, bathtubs, walls in good shape… and food gmo free.

It’s a hard way to live in constant search of food. Food at the right price. I cannot even entertain and at least in the 60”s we could make enough to invite hungry people and friends. Not so today its all a meager budget. Poor people do not get invited to rich homes, Boundary in the sand. Had to chase the people doing and selling drugs from where I live democratically. Sucks but I do my best and I see so many others suffer.

I sing a little blues do a little art work. With a congenital narrow spine I am finally pain free after surgery. Its been hell but on the mend. 26 years wasted in pain, cannot lift anything over 2 lbs and wondering how I can earn a few dollars when I turn 65. So I can eat gmo free food, be independent and make my own healthy choices.

I witness many people not having enough food and they are in every neighborhood. This whole idea that people choose to be victims is so far off the mark. GMO food is poisoning the poor and they have no defense. They can not buy organic they cannot even buy meat. I see so many people try do hard. I see people getting jobs that do not pay the bills, I see so many living from paycheck to paycheck and when one thing goes wrong all hell breaks out.

The government should not use food banks to supply what people need. The food at food banks is a grace when one is hungry but under normal circumstance it is not what people eat. It makes me sad.

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