Self-portrait Michelle Huang

Michelle Huang

I was born in Taiwan and came to Canada when I was in Grade 6. I speak Taiwanese, Mandarin and English. I’m in my early 30s.
My first job was working as an Ice Skating Instructor for City of Burnaby at age of 17. I worked whenever I can find jobs. I have worked in BC, Alberta and Ontario, and also in Taiwan. Most of my work experiences were in the public sector, BC Parks, Parks Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Canada Customs, City of Waterloo, RCMP and Government of Taiwan.

I was NOT diagnosed with ADHD and Reading Disorder until I was 29 years old. Soon after my initial diagnoses, I went on medical leave from UBC RCMP in April 2011. At age 30, I was diagnosed with Central Auditory Process Disorder (CAPD). I been on EI and currently on CPP Disability Benefit. So the reality of ending up on Welfare is very real for me. I’m currently an Unclassified student at UBC.

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