Photo of Laure Desjardins-Arevalo

Laure Desjardins-Arevalo

Why I’m taking the challenge?

I’ve always been concerned by social justice issues and I think it’s unacceptable to have people living in poverty in Canada.
Taking the challenge will help me raise awareness among my friends and I want to see what I can do on a $21 budget. It’s different to talk about it than to live it. I take many things for granted while families struggle with day to day things that I don’t even notice.
The challenge has already made me do some lifestyle changes such as cancelling outings with friends because I will not be able to afford it and I’m going to miss my coffee because at $10–$15 a pound, that is definitely out of the equation!

I’m bracing myself for a week of hunger because I cycle 30 kms everyday to commute to work and it makes me devour food, this week there will be no devouring of anything and ZERO snacking.

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