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Jen Muranetz

My name is Jen Muranetz and I am a mid-twenties journalist, an East Van resident, a hobby gardener, crafter, a sometimes-yogi and a socially conscious individual. I am taking part in the Welfare Food Challenge because I honestly have no clue what it’s like to live off of a $21 food budget for a week. This is one way for me to get a glimpse into the welfare system and solidify my values of equality. I’ve decided to document my journey on television to share my experience even further.

I’ll be posting regular updates on:
My twitter handle:
Go! Vancouver’s twitter handle:
Go! Vancouver’s facebook page:

People will be able to watch a condensed 3-4 minute story on ‘The Welfare Challenge’ and my experience of the challenge on Thursday, October 23rd. The show is called go! Vancouver and it airs on channel 4 for Shaw cable customers. It will also be on go! Vancouver’s YouTube challenge on Friday, October 24th:

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