Photo of Jean de Dieu Hakizimana

Jean de Dieu Hakizimana

Jean works as a professional interpreter and translator of the Swahili, Kinyarwanda, French and Kirundi languages into English, in civil, criminal and immigration legal proceedings. He is also the founder of Neighbourhood Care International, a non-profit agency in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that provides social service and advocacy support primarily to immigrants and refugees from Africa. Earlier this year he started the pro bono African and Black Legal Clinic, which provides an accessible, safe place for people to come and discuss their legal issues.

I am doing this to be in solidarity with my Africans sisters and brothers and people of African descent who live in SRO (Single Room Occupancy) in Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

I am only going to eat the food that I buy for only $21 a week.

I am doing this because I am going to bring attention to the fact that people on welfare only has $21 a week to buy food.

I am joining with the Raise the Rates campaign to tell the government the welfare rate has to be increased because they do not provide poor people with enough money to survive with dignity and caring.

Loving and caring to all who are on welfare,

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