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Bif Naked

My Name is Bif Naked, and I am Taking The Welfare Food Challenge.

I’m an International Recording Artist, Activist, and Volunteer, humbly and gratefully living in unceded Coast Salish Territory.

I decided to take the “Welfare Food Challenge” partly because it was socio-politically important to me, and partly because I think it’s important to fight injustice and use my voice. And, the reality is: welfare rates in this province are simply inadequate. And that is an injustice.

My parents were Civil Rights Activists and we were raised with Freedom Fighting in our hearts. That is My Truth.

I think it should be mandatory for all of us to do this. (Though I may be projecting my own political efforts on to you, so I apologize if that’s not where you are, yet, in your activism.)

It’s an issue that is dear to my heart, it’s part of my history, and I’m proud of this.

We should all try to Fight The Good Fight.

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