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Alan Yu

I am from Vancouver, BC with a huge interest in technology, entertainment and the arts. Finance has always been a close topic to me which is a big factor on why I began blogging about it. (You can read more details at I love sharing information and knowledge that I discover on a daily basis in hopes to help others.

I am taking the challenge because I consider myself an extremely thrifty and frugal shopper where initially the dollar amount of $21 a week doesn’t scare me. However, I recognize that not everyone has the same circumstances in life. For example, I may be able to walk to the grocery store whereas another person may have to be in a wheelchair. So this experience should be enlightening as it’s always easy to judge other people versus truly learning about their unique circumstances.

By doing this challenge I hope to document my journey which in-turn will generate conversations from both sides of the fence. Are the current rates unbearable? Are people themselves not doing enough to get themselves off welfare? Are there simple solutions that the government can easily implement but refuse to? These are the kind of topics I hope people will talk about. I may not have a million dollars to create tangible solutions for the issue, but hopefully by talking about it maybe my efforts will help lead to a solution.

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