Bif Naked joins 2014 Welfare Food Challenge!

On October 2, 2014 singer-songwriter Bif Naked officially launched Raise the Rates’ Welfare Food Challenge, announcing that she will take part in the 3rd edition of this campaign.

“I feel it is part of my responsibility, as a citizen and a human, to address, and bring awareness to the fact that more people in BC are living below the poverty line than anywhere else in the country.”

She encouraged other people across BC to join her taking the challenge,

“The Welfare Food Challenge is important because the only way our community can truly understand the reality of poverty, is to walk in the shoes of those who are living and experiencing it, even if only for a few days. I encourage everyone to try to eat on this for one week. It will be an enlightening and integral revelation for many BC families, and it may serve as a real catalyst for change.”

Fraser Stewart said, “Living on basic welfare is practically impossible, health is an issue. The government knows this, but hasn’t raised welfare in nearly 8 years.” Victoria Bull, who is raising her grand daughter on welfare, pointed out that, “Living on welfare is not a choice. Things just happen. Families are struggling to meet basic needs.”

Bill Hopwood, Raise the Rates Organizer, stated that “Welfare has not been raised for over 7 year so has fallen in real value by $75. The government only allows $375 a month for rent and rents have soared, with the cost of even a single room occupancy now being around $450, so people go without food to pay for inadequate housing.”

The Challenge will run from Thursday October 16th, World Food Day, to Wednesday October 22nd, 2014. Find out more here ›

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