Kylie Pawluk and family, Day 7

We just ended our last day of the welfare food challenge. It was a busy stressful week, my daughter and I both got colds and I have been busy with work on top of trying to organize our food each day. The last few days were pretty un eventful, we have basically eating along my meal plan, with the exception of our one family dinner we attended… Other wise we ate the food bought for the challenge, and there’s not much left, an apple, bit of rice and some carrots. My conclusion on the week: it was doable, but not enjoyable. It’s stressful making sure you make the food stretch, and you eat a lot of repeat meals (we ate chicken soup 4 days in a row). I don’t feel I got enough fruit or vegetables, only about 3-4 servings per day. I tried to pick nutritious foods but I don’t think you get enough on this diet. Our regular budget isn’t a whole lot more then this, but the extra really helps buy more produce and healthy fats. One thing is for sure, I’m extremely thankful my family is in a position that I don’t need to eat the diet every week, I feel for those who aren’t.

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