Kathy Romses, Day 7

On the last meal of the Challenge, I chose to opt out and join colleagues at a restaurant. I shared my experiences, enjoyed my colleague’s company, savoured delicious, healthy dishes and counted my many blessings.

There were many lessons learned along the way including the social isolation that results from living on a very limited income. Now it is time for me to start taking the necessary steps to make changes to end poverty in BC. The October 23 issue of the North Shore Outlook included an article, “North Shore Dietitian Battles With $26 Weekly Food Budget” www.northshoreoutlook.com/news/228955141.html. I am writing an article for the Vancouver Coastal Health News that is emailed to staff to encourage them to collaborate with others to provide the necessary supports to allow our vulnerable citizens to access housing, food and other necessary resources with dignity.

Thank you to all of the other participants who are helping to raise the profile of the inadequate rates we provide to those living on welfare.

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