Sarah Nattrass, Day 6

It’s day 6 of the challenge and so far I’ve gained some interesting insights. First, I have realized how often I eat simply for pleasure. How often I pick up that latte or treat just because I can, but not because I actually need it or am that hungry. On that note, I’ve found that I’m now eating when I’m actually really hungry not just out of boredom, which is often the case (especially when I’m home working on homework and want any excuse to get up from writing!). I have also gained SUCH a greater appreciation for the fresh green veggies I normally consume. Today I boiled some frozen broccoli and cauliflower at lunch, and they were just so waterlogged, bland, and soft, and I wondered how many nutrients could possibly be left after so many steps in their preparation. Also, not having any sort of dressing, butter, etc. really makes meals much less enjoyable. Yesterday I went for a hike up at Cypress and hadn’t anticipated being there for so long so I didn’t pack a lunch. Soon after beginning our hike I realized I was very hungry, yet had no food with me. Normally I would have asked a friend to share her granola bar, but had to resist. At the end of the hike we stopped at a café so my friends could eat, and it was so hard to be that hungry yet not able to eat. Buying food whenever I want is such a luxury, and I’ve had to have such greater self-control than I normally would, which I imagine is the lived experience of those on welfare. What an insightful, humbling experience this has been thus far.


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