Melissa Baker RD(t), Day 6

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge.

I have run out of oatmeal and I can’t eat another brown banana no matter how much peanut butter I put on it. I’ll have to improvise for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe some sort of baked barley banana custard? I considered throwing the rest of my cooked barley out, I am so sick of it! But wasting food on this budget makes my stomach churn.

The weekend was definitely the most challenging. Having a social life and being on welfare do not mix, which is so unfortunate because having strong social supports is so important for mental health. I went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday where they offered free small cups of coffee and fresh apples. I must confess, I guiltily (and happily) accepted them. They didn’t cost anything, but still against the rules.

I didn’t get much work this week, only 1 day. I need the work, but the thought of having to think and be my productive self seems very challenging. Yet, people on welfare are supposed to be actively looking for work and impressing employers during interviews. I still have barley, bread, some peanut butter, carrots, onion, 1 banana, some squash, a 1/2 can of salmon and a few eggs left. I haven’t been hungry per say… but craving other (more delicious) foods a lot! I walked past a homeless man eating McDonald’s today and I was jealous! What a weird feeling to have.

My roommate has not enjoyed the challenge much either. The house constantly smells of onions (that’s what I get for buying such a big bag), they seem to go into every meal. Plus, I am a little more irritable than usual.

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes by quickly. 3 meals to go!



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