Kathy Romses, Day 6

KathyR6I joined a few other participants from the Welfare Food Challenge at the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House for lunch. We shared food and stories of our experiences of living on $26.


My husband and I walked to the grocery store tonight to spend my last $1. I was tempted to splurge and try to find a chocolate bar for $1 since I haven’t had any added sugar this week and I am craving something sweet. I decided on 2 bananas and a local apple. It’s a good thing my husband had his Save On More card to get the member discount or I would have spent more than a dollar.

9:30 pm

I can’t believe what just happened. I was cooking the salmon my brother gave me for my son because he had basketball tonight and for food safe reasons, it had to be cooked. The temptation was too much and I had a few bites. It was delicious!


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