Take Action

Here are ideas for things you can do to encourage politicians to act to raise welfare and tackle poverty in BC.

Sign the petition

Please sign the petition and encourage your friends, family and colleagues also to sign it. It only takes a few seconds.

Write to Provincial Politicians

Write to the Premier, Christy Clark, and Leader of the Opposition, Adrian Dix, or your provincial MLA. Find their contact information here: http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm

Raise the Rates sent these letters to Christy Clark and Adrian Dix, they may be of use for ideas.

Write to the Local Media

Local newspapers are usually happy to carry local stories, why not contact them or write a letter to the editor. If you want any help, do contact Raise the Rates

Propose a Resolution

You could put forward a resolution to your organization – union, community group, etc in support of raising welfare and an anti-poverty program. Raise the Rates is happy to help.

Useful Information and Resources

Here are:

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