Maddi Parent, Day 5

Well, I’m proud to say I made it a whole 4 days on the welfare challenge without succumbing to temptation. But day 5 was another story. Today I caved decided to spend last remaining $1.70 of my $26 dollars on a small treat for myself. Based on the common theme in these blog posts, you can probably guess what it was. Yes. A delicious, steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Earlier today, I met up with my UBC group members at a local café and simply couldn’t stand the sight of them sipping on their foamy, hot beverages of choice, so, making a mental inventory and deciding I had plenty of food for the next 3 days, I chose a tiny little cup of coffee as my treat of the week. Oh man was that one good cup of coffee.

While I by no means regret my decision to indulge, (I can still taste it now…) one thing that I can’t help but thinking as I reflect back on this choice is that, if I were a struggling individual truly on living on welfare for the indeterminate future, I would not have bought that cup of coffee. Instead, I would likely have saved that extra $1.70 for the coming week, in which any number of unforeseen challenges could come my way that might be helped by this seemingly insignificant amount of money. What I mean to say is that, although this week has been a challenge for me, it by no means parallels the challenges faced by those who have to face the limitations of this budget day and in and day out.


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