Kathy Romses, Day 5

Kathy5My daughter and her friend came over last night. He is 7’3” and weighs 320 pounds. I’m sure he would have run out of food after a couple of days. The welfare rate doesn’t change if you are a large person, have celiac disease or many other health issues that affect your ability to buy the food you need to be a healthy and productive citizen. I had some frozen samosas, homemade granola, and pulled pork to give my daughter to take with her to University. People living on welfare would not have the luxury of being able to help their adult children with home cooked meals or the costs of going to university.

I spent the morning working on the nutrition and allergen analyses for restaurants and creating a Nutrition Facts table for a chocolate product. I decided to eat my falafel dinner for lunch because I needed the energy to focus on my projects that require attention to detail. We went out to Ladner to pick up our order of free range chickens. My brother was going to give me some salmon but it had been thawed and had to be eaten in the next couple of days so I had to refuse the offer.

The whole day was spent on food related topics, which only highlighted the fact that my food is getting boring and I am close to running out of food. I am tired of eggs. I’ve had them scrambled, added to fried rice and French toast for 6 different meals. Eggs will be my main source of protein for the remainder of the Challenge.


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