Melaine and Jawad, Day 4

Oh the Compromise

I think our first two blogs gave you an idea of the compromise that occurred between Jawad and I, but as we sat down to our processed pasta lunch today, it really hit me just how much we are compromising.

Having to eat on such a limited budget means that I am compromising my values, my knowledge and even my identity (that’s right my identity, look up food and identity and you’ll get what I mean).

Mel4Case and point is the awful pasta sauce we had for lunch. I never buy jarred pasta sauce but since we only permitted ourselves to use three spices, Jawad thought it best to buy the jarred stuff – and not just a small jar, no 1.8L of crap! I couldn’t bear not reading the label any longer and was shocked (why I’m not sure) but ½ cup of pasta sauce has 9g of sugar in it! For comparison, ¾ cup of Fruit Loops has 12 g. Not to mention that ½ a cup of pasta sauce provides you with a whopping dose of sodium too.

I then looked at those gross granola bars that Jawad described in his blog as a petroleum-based product and their first ingredient is sugar! As a dietitian, this doesn’t surprise me but what it makes me realize is that when I went grocery shopping, money came first. I put aside my values around eating high quality, sustainable and healthy food. I didn’t read a single label, I didn’t fill my basket with veggies and fruit and whole grains; I was too busy making sure I bought cheap food that would fill us up and keep us in our budget (and there was that compromise bit with Jawad, I don’t think I would have bought the pasta sauce!!).

Mel4bIs it any surprise that the people who are most food insecure are also those with highest rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer? Look at what people have to eat.

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