Kylie Pawluk and Family, Day 4

So day 4 was a Saturday, we all got up and again, had our oatmeal (which I’m getting rather sick of and my husband has complained about since day 2..). The diet is very repetitive, the only real way to make it work is making large batches of things to eat on for days like soup and chilly. I headed off to work unprepared, grabbing an apple and my water bottle as I left. Sadly for me I was starving before noon. Back at home everyone else ate the rest of the chicken soup (third day in a row), and the last 2 bananas. I made pasta sauce out of the canned tomatoes, and served over some whole wheat pasta. We still have food, but it’s pretty boring, I really have to think before I eat something now, and there is no extra for seconds.

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