Kathy Romses, Day 4

Some of this is for day 3 because I wrote my blog in the morning yesterday so that I could spend some time with my daughter and husband.

I picked up my daughter from the ferry on Friday afternoon. She has a friend arriving from Prince George in the evening and I would like to meet him. Normally I would invite them over for a meal but I don’t have enough food to share so I suggested they drop by for their choice of cold or hot water. She laughed and said she would see what he wanted to do.

My husband returned from a 4 day business trip on Friday night. He was grateful to miss the first part of the Challenge because he has experienced how unpleasant I can be without regular meals and snacks. The traffic was crazy so I suggested that we stop at Costco for him to pick up one of his favourite hot dog and jalapeno pepper meals. I wasn’t going to share my second round of falafel, tortilla, tzatziki and coleslaw dinner. When we got home, Tom enjoyed a glass of wine while I sipped on water. When he started to discuss one of the restaurants he enjoyed, I asked if we could switch off the subject of food. It quickly got back to food again when I started talking about how I was shopping for the Challenge and had to ask for my cabbage to be cut in half and confirmed that he would not be willing to ask someone to do this for him. I also shared how I was going to buy homo milk to help provide more calories and fat to delay being hungry. However, the electronic price sign for the homo milk wasn’t working and I knew my budget was very carefully calculated and there wasn’t a lot of room for error. It would be too embarrassing to have to take the milk back if it put me over budget so I settled on the 2% milk.

My headache at 6 pm was a sign that I couldn’t delay having dinner any longer. My cabbage, potato, carrot, onion and squash soup was pretty tasty but I only have a little bit of protein and fat in my milk to help delay getting hungry.

Sometimes I jump into things without a lot of thought. What was I thinking when I took on the Challenge? I know that I need food to concentrate and I have a lot of consulting projects that require the ability to focus on details. It was a difficult day.

Confessions for the day: I have not given up my daily multivitamin and omega 3 supplement as part of the Challenge. This is part of keeping myself well and I am fully aware that the support we provide to those on welfare does not allow them to be healthy. Also, I allotted $1 of my food budget to using my existing spices to allow me to make tasty food. The thought of adding a bunch of small plastic bags for the spices I need for the week goes against my desire to protect the environment.

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