Sarah Carten, Day 2

SarahC2After seeing yesterday that my lentils and rice will likely get me through most of my meals this week, I decided to spend some of my remaining money on cheap eggs so that I could have some variety once a day.  I also decided to buy something with colour. Given we eat with our eyes, I felt that my meals needed something more appealing than their uniform browny-yellow colour combination.  I looked at many green vegetables in the store, but the uncertainty of how much they weighed and what the final cost would be convinced me to buy parsley for a concrete 69 cents.  It definitely brightened up my meals today.

My energy began to wane after lunch and I realized that many of my standby options like walking to the corner café for a coffee, making a cup of tea, or even succumbing to a craving for simple sugars weren’t available to me. I was also insatiably thirsty all afternoon, and yet am sick of drinking glass after glass of water and the alternative: mugs of hot water.  I’m guessing that my liberal use of salt as my only seasoning is the root cause of my unquenchable thirst.  As I contemplated my high salt intake while listening to the CBC news discuss revised sodium guidelines, I decided to use some of my remaining $10 to buy a spice tomorrow.

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