Maddi Parent, Day 2

To describe my 2nd day on the Welfare Food Challenge, the one word I would have to use is…frustrating.

As a student I never truly realized how dependent I am on little treats to keep me going throughout my study day. As I sat in the library studying for a midterm this evening, about every 20 minutes a little floating image of a cookie or a coffee drink would  pop up into my head I would have a moment of intense excitement just before having the crushing realization that my sweet tooth or caffeine addiction could not be fed. These seemingly insignificant treats ARE significant to someone on a $26 per week budget. It is quite sad thinking about the fact that these individuals are restricted from enjoying the daily pleasures of eating good food because they cannot afford it. Looking forward to your next meal can really brighten your day, but this is not the case when your next meal consists of rice & beans (again) and it has little flavour because you have no money for garlic and spices.

In sum…I really want to eat some of those (very expensive) chocolate almonds my roommate left sitting on the counter, but I can’t. She really isn’t doing me any favours here.

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