Kylie Pawluk, Day 2

Kylie2So last night we roasted our chicken for dinner, afterwards I took all the extra meat off the bones, and put the carcass back in the crock pot with water and the trimmings from the veggies I roasted and let it cook over night. This stock is high in minerals and tastes awesome! I used most of the meat, an onion, a few carrots, a potato and some of the whole wheat noodles and made an awesome chicken noodle soup out of the chicken broth.

So how am I feeling on day 2 of our challenge? Well, I felt hungry a lot today… I’m use to eating more filling food, and snacking more, I wasn’t starving but I didn’t feel “full” either, It was really annoying. Here’s a recap of what we ate for the day.

  • Breakfast was oatmeal with milk, brown sugar and sliced bananas
  • Sliced apples and carrots was our mid morning snack
  • Lunch was an egg scramble with the leftover roasted vegetables from the night before
  • And my homemade chicken noodle soup was our dinner, and there is enough left for another two meals.
  • The kids had also some leftover oatmeal and fruit for a bedtime snack.


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