Kathy Romes, Day 3

This video made me realize how close any one of us can be to hunger. www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJbpRt4r5cE  Here’s another story in the North Shore Outlook, North Shore’s Invisible Homeless Crisis http://www.northshoreoutlook.com/news/228073671.html of how a health issue resulted in an older couple becoming homeless.

These stories brought me back to a time when I was a single parent with 3 children. I was at UBC working on my masters to become a dietitian. My Mom got cancer during this time and I spent as much time as possible with her trying to help care for her during her last 3 months. My Dad was self employed and also took most of this time off to care for her. It breaks my heart to think of the couple spending their last days together living in their truck.

Behind every homeless face is a story.

My colleague who is working on a homeless project for her Master’s program let me know that most of the homeless in Vancouver are not on welfare because they do not have the skills to fill in the paper work required to get financial assistance. I went on the website and determined that the eligibility section was written at a grade 18 level.

As I continue on my Welfare Food Challenge journey, my comments about the amount of time it is taking me to shop and prepare my meals and how I don’t have enough food to think seem very trivial.

How can we treat our vulnerable citizens like this when we live in a province where most of us have a home and enough food to feed our families?  It’s time to make some changes to allow people to access their basic needs with dignity. Today, I wrote an email to my MLA, Jane Thornthwaite, to ask for a meeting to talk about how we can begin to make some of these changes.

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