Sarah Nattrass, Day 1

Sarah Nattrass1Today is Day 1 of the challenge, which meant that I started my day with my grocery shopping for the week. I headed to No Frills and really had no idea what I was going to end up with, both in terms of type and quantity of food. In thinking about it now, I don’t know if I’ve ever shopped looking so closely at prices. I typically purchase food based first on nutrition, and therefore it was a big change for me to simply be focusing my eyes on the pricetags with the lowest prices. I had to be OK with prioritizing price and calories per item, which often is least nutritious. For example, there were many packaged pastas and microwavable sandwiches, all very high in fat and refined carbohydrates, but ranged from $0.90-$2.00, which is certainly appealing. All in all I actually feel quite good about what I was able to buy with $21, leaving $5 as mad money for the week. No money for seasonings of any sort, so the food might be a little dull, but at least I feel good that I was still able to purchase mainly healthy food. The main difference I saw in my shopping was the ratio of fresh to package food. I would say that typically 90% of my shopping is typically comprised of fresh organic fruits and veggies, which means that little is packaged or processed. However, today I tried to determine which foods would give me most energy throughout the day, which resulted in much more carbohydrate-dense food than I’d normally purchase, and certainly more packaged food.

I bought the following:

  •     -1 carton eggs
  •     -2 bananas
  •     -4 apples
  •    – 2 packages of instant noodles
  •     -1 jumbo bag of spinach (the highest price on my list at $4.99, but I need my greens!)
  •     -1 bag of rice
  •     -1 jumbo bag of kidney beans (I would typically buy just canned beans, however figured this was most economical)
  •     -1 bag of oats
  •     -1 can lentils
  •     -1 package of frozen vegetables
  •     -1 package of frozen chicken pasta

I’ve already noticed that this challenge is changing my social activities. For example, tomorrow I was invited to go out for lunch with a friend, however explained to him what I’m currently doing and asked if he would mind just going for a walk instead. Although I think this shocked him a bit as we love eating out together, this is actually a healthier way to be spending time, so I may actually notice that it has a positive impact on me. I certainly think that the weekend will be most challenging socially as more friends want to be out eating together, however I guess I’ll just take it meal by meal!

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