Kylie Pawluk & Family, Day 1

I truly believe knowledge is power! 4 years ago, my boyfriend and I where having trouble finding full time work. We struggled to pay bills, and I though I had to live on off brand mac and cheese, and instant noodles, the only vegetable I bought was broccoli. I know better now. We now have two children, and funny, spend less on food then ever, and eat pretty darn well! I planned my meals for this week carefully, trying to focus on protein and veggies. Normally my family eats loads of fruit, but vegetables are much cheaper for the nutrition value. I also realized fast I couldn’t afford cheese, butter, or yogurt. I don’t think it will be easy, but after carefully shopping (weighing everything to stay on budget) I see this being doable and not starving or having to eat junk. We had a budget of $52 for two people, but my kids are young (don’t eat tons at meals) and will be included for the most part. As we didn’t add any extra amount for them, they won’t be sticking to it strictly, I let them keep their cheerios, and extra fruit and yogurt for snacks. So, here is what I bought with my $52!

Dozen brown eggs $3.32

3 small parsnips $0.87

5lbs carrots $3.06

2 broccoli crowns $3.32

2 small yams $0.67

4lbs apples $4.16

6 bananas $2.28

3lbs white potatoes $1.54

2 large onions $0.38

1 can chickpeas $1.05

2 cans tomatoes $2.52

1kg rolled oats $3.27

500g brown rice $3.89

700g wholewheat pasta $ 3.14

Brown sugar from bulk $2.85

Whole chicken on sale $10.00

1 gallon whole milk $5

Total: $51.32

So for day one, we had…

Oatmeal with a little brown sugar and milk for breakfast Bananas (kids had their yogurt) for a snack Scrambled eggs for lunch Afternoon snack was carrots and apples And I roasted the chicken for our dinner, now we have left overs for tomorrow… see you all on day 2!

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