Kathy Romses, Day 1

KathyR1A lot of time, energy, knowledge and skills were devoted to developing a grocery list and meal plan that may come close to meeting my nutrient needs and my desire for delicious, sustainable food. It was disappointing to have to buy New Zealand apples during the peak season for local products but my need for enough food outweighed my desire for sustainable food.

My meal plan includes making my own yogurt, tortillas, falafels and peanut butter using appliances I am sure that most people living on welfare do not own. This was confirmed when I attended the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting tonight and listened to people living on welfare describing their SROs (Single Room Occupancy) rooms that are about 10×10 feet and typically do not include a bathroom or kitchen.

The meeting also included changes that will allow people to access sustainable, healthy food with dignity in Vancouver. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society’s vision is “accessible, healthy and sustainable food for all.” The Vancouver Food Policy Council supports the development of a just and sustainable food system in Vancouver including community gardens.

I left the meeting with hope for a society that will make the necessary changes to help people to meet their basic needs including food so that they can live a life that meets their dreams.

I have a headache which may be from hunger or the stress of applying for a new job. My position was deleted a couple of weeks ago and this was the reason I gave to my colleague for initially declining to take the Welfare Food Challenge. She replied that I should blog about this if it happens.

I’m drinking a cup of hot water to help relax. My meal plan didn’t include tea or coffee.

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