The last day blahs

As you may have noticed, those of us who were posting regularly at the start of the challenge have slowed to a trickle the last few days. I think many of my fellow participants are experiencing the same things as me – lethargy, trouble thinking clearly, and lack of motivation to post about our boring meals. 

I finish the challenge tonight, and while I still have a bit of food left, I am in no way considering this a successful outcome. I spent my last 45 cents on two bananas – that was the only fruit I had all week. My food was so boring that I sometimes felt like I would rather just not eat at all. I had a greater variety of vegetables at the beginning of the week, but the last three days I’ve been eating the same things at each meal. I’ve been eating oatmeal twice every day – for breakfast and as a snack.

I thought the food that I bought was pretty healthy and would sustain me if I ate a good-sized lunch and dinner. But even though I had enough food, I never felt satisfied. By Saturday I started having trouble sleeping, and I’ve been getting stomach aches the last couple of days. Saturday night I ate a big meal and still felt hungry two hours later. So obviously despite my efforts to make healthy choices for this week, there are some things that I have been missing on this diet.

And I have to emphasize again how much time I spent preparing for the challenge, and preparing my food all week. I don’t think I would have been able to pull this off if I were working full-time. And despite all of my preparation, there were times when I found myself hungry and had to come home earlier than planned to eat.

The last of the fresh veggies and bean cakes.

Looking at the pictures of my food from this week is making me feel sick! It’s going to be awhile before I eat oatmeal or cabbage again.

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