It’s time to take action

It’s time to take action

To Welfare Food Challenge participants and supporters:

Thank you for following the Welfare Food Challenge. Raise the Rates asks you now to please take action to push the politicians of BC to tackle poverty in BC with a clear anti-poverty plan that raises welfare rates and the minimum wage. Having spent a week on the poverty diet you are the best people to speak to the politicians and to ask your friends, family and colleagues to take action as well. The full list of points for Raise the Rates’ anti-poverty plan is at:

Take Action. Here are some ideas:

This week: Yourself

Write a personal letter to Christy Clark (Premier) (West Annex, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC, V8V 1X4) and Adrian Dix (Leader of Opposition) (Room 201, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC, V8V 1X4) telling about your week on a poverty diet and how they need to act. Maybe include a Band-aid and say no more Band-Aid solutions and a photograph of a meal.

Do yourself and ask all your friends on facebook, e-mail lists, etc to

Yourself in next 2 weeks

Raise the Rates would be interesting in hearing from you about your letters and how the politicians respond. You can also help Raise the Rates in future campaigns. Contact Raise the Rates at:

Together we can make a difference to end poverty in BC. 

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