Day 6

I thought I would run out of food on or before day 6 and I did.

This is a little of what I learned on the challenge:
Despite being resourceful, creative in the kitchen, and having low caloric needs relative to most people (I’m petite), trying to feed yourself on $26/week sucks.
It is nowhere near possible to eat a balanced and healthy diet on this amount of money.
It didn’t take long for my psychology about food to shift when I was faced with a shortage. I ate quickly and every last spec that was on my plate.
My day to day concept of food and habits associated with it are radically different than a person who is eating for survival. I socialize around it, I fetishize it, and too often I waste it.
Eating well is helpful in maintaining a positive outlook, thinking clearly, and making good decisions.
I am concerned about the decision makers who stand behind the current welfare rates in BC that allow only $26/week for food for a single person. I don’t think we should tolerate any government that would starve its people. I strongly support demanding that welfare rates be increased, and if that should fail… look for some good recipes on cooking with government and policy makers (thereby solving two problems).
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