Day 6

Welfare diet is about ensuring survival (and even that, probably not too well) but it does not offer nourishment for the body or soul.  I have been hungry, tired and grumpy. [More than usual.]  While i have had food to eat, i have not enjoyed my meals. I have craved fruit (grapes and strawberries), dairy (any cheese would do right now) and protein (wild salmon).  Act of eating quickly diminished from a pleasure to a chore: I do not wish to see elbow macaroni and tomato sauce, frozen vegetables or toast with peanut butter for a good long time.

Did I have enough to eat?  I suspect that for a person with small stature, i had adequate calories.  I am sure this would not be true for most individuals.  Would my meals pass the VCH criteria for a healthy plate?  Definitely not. Were my meals comforting on rainy, cold fall days?  Nope.

Much of the last three days have been spent dreaming of food and planning the meal that would break this self-imposed exercise.  Will it be Rob Feenie’s pasta creation with rich butter sauce and pine nuts or a yummy salmon burger with extra sides?

I do feel guilty as I have the luxury to end this exercise. Many do not. Would i support my tax dollars going towards raising the rates?  Yes.  Even if it meant paying more taxes? Definitely.

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