No more food

And so ends the Welfare Challenge for us. We had no idea the toll that it would take when we decided to do it. Low energy, hunger pains, migraines and frustration have been omnipresent during this challenge. Without use of our pantry and our spices the food that we made was bland and simply used for fuel – if that.

The most difficult part was the mental toll – I found myself constantly thinking about food. I had to decline invitations to eat with others, as I had no food to offer. On the street food was everywhere. In restaurant windows, at produce markets bursting with fruit and veg, street level ads for fast food and people eating on the go. All food that I couldn’t enjoy.

To those of you who attempted or are still doing the challenge I thank you for your support in adding to this important dialogue.

During the week I thought a lot about the great unfairness for the many for whom this experience isn’t a challenge but a reality. Poverty and huger feel like punishments for a crime you didn’t commit. We must and will continue to demand better!

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