I couldn’t do this without a full kitchen

I needed a change from rice and beans so I decided to use my dried chickpeas. After soaking them and boiling them for hours, I kept half for lunch and dinner tomorrow and made the other half into hummus. Although it’s not really hummus without tahini, oil, salt, and lemon juice – it’s just glop! To go with the chickpeas, I made mashed potato (again, not really mashed potato without all the good stuff) and a carrot sauce with my last carrot.

With all this preparation and cooking, I used multiple pots and pans, bowls, a food processor, knives and other utensils, and I’ll use a fridge to store the leftover food overnight. These are luxuries that most people on welfare don’t have. They’re lucky if they have a hot plate in their room. So, they’d be forced to eat more expensive, prepared food, which doesn’t stretch through the week leaving them going hungry!

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