Day 6

Today we have to boost morale, because we both will have a very busy and physically demanding

We start with sourdough pancakes. This is a first for us. I must say that the dough smells very  yeasty – the closest to beer that we’ve come in a week! Our discs of beer-on-a-plate were quite satisfactory, dressed in brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon.

I take my peanut butter sandwich out with me – it is imminently portable and needs no refrigeration.

Dinner involves 2 packets of instant noodles (40 cents each). The flavour packets, which I usually throw away, are “spicy chicken” so we tried them. Not too bad if you’re starved for flavour. Standards change. The stir-fry includes carrots, cabbage, the last of the spinach and some chicken stock. There is enough of it. Just.

The yogurt is gone. We finished off with ½ a bare banana each.

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