Day 5

Continuing on with conservation measures, I dialed down dinner just a tad.
1. The spinach soufflé has 3 eggs in it, not 4
2. I am holding back a corner of the diminishing frozen block of spinach
3. There is only a spoonful of cottage cheese in here – no cheddar, not to mention parmesan
4. There is sautéed onion & garlic for more flavour
5. I’m keeping some boiled potato from our last baker – the rest got fried with onion.

We got half way through the soufflé (once again, a dish that gives the illusion of quantity but deflates to an alarming degree on the plate and again in your mouth) when I realized we were going to need a boost. More toast!

Dessert was the usual – 1/2 banana with a small spoonful of yogurt.

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