Day 4

I took our last 80 cents and bought 1.2 of the smallest cabbage I’ve seen in a long time. We really needed something green besides the spinach which is going to run out soon.

I’m starting to be aware of impending shortages. So when I went to assemble the dinner of creamed chicken and eggs, I took the following conservations measures.
1. Use less than ½ the remaining chicken to leave enough for a good dinner on Day 6.
2. Augment with 2 boiled eggs.
3. Substitute chicken broth for part of the milk so we don’t run out of milk.
4. We split a baked potato between us. Derek got the big half.
5. We rounded it out with a couple of pieces of toast and some tender-crisp (sounds good, doesn’t
it?) stir-fried cabbage.

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