All day I dreamed about food

It has been a while since I have been able to muster up the motivation to write a blog post. I have been feeling quite lethargic and have been having trouble mustering up much energy, and what little energy I do have is required by food preparation. Last night I made a big pot of carrot and yam soup. I used almost all of the remainder of my onions and garlic in hopes of having a little flavour, despite using water instead of any form of broth. While it wasn’t the most tasty of soups I have ever made it was so refreshing to have some colour. Along with a few pieces of toasted 60% whole wheat bread it actually made for one of the more satisfying meals of the challenge, even though I was worried at the first shop that it was one of the more risky things I bought. I can’t imagine what my taste buds are going to do when I actually am able to make something with real flavour.

Last night was the second night this week I have woken up with muscle pain. A few nights ago it my calves, but last night it was my lower back. I had to get out of bed and stretch on my living room floor before being able to fall back asleep. Besides the constant dull hunger and the challenge of not being able to exercise I think the nutrition deficit is kicking in. I don’t know what else could explain it as it is not something I have experienced in that way before.

All this goes to say food is pretty much front of my mind all day long. Whether it is thinking about the next thing I am going to eat, with either excitement or dread depending on my ever changing moods, or what I would really love to be eating, my thoughts seem to be always occupied.

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