Participant bio – Sally McBride and Kyle Vipond

Name: Sally McBride and Kyle Vipond

Where you live: We are west coast transplants from various corners of Ontario who met and live in the heart of Kits.

A bit about you and what you do: Sally is a public health researcher, advocate and activist who works with communities, clinicians and researchers to move health research evidence into actionable outcomes with the goal of improving health. She is passionate about working toward a world where everyone is able to enact their right to good health.

After trying his hand at everything from macro-economics to rock-scaling,  Kyle has found his passion in aviation: he is currently a student studying toward his commercial pilot’s license and a dockhand at Harbour Air.

 Why you are taking the Challenge: Kyle comes from a family of teachers and social workers who have always been committed to strengthening social safety nets and supporting those who have fallen through the cracks. He is taking the Challenge as he finds the current lack of supports for people living in the increasingly unaffordable city of Vancouver, and BC overall, troubling, especially in regards to access to food and the long-term impacts of poverty on children.

Sally has worked in health service delivery, research and advocacy with grassroots organizations from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to the islands of the South Pacific. These experiences have taken her into an ongoing contemplation of the ways in which poor health outcomes are direct products of globalization, and social and economic policies that continue to marginalize people in communities in Canada, and around the world. She is engaging in the Challenge to highlight the vital importance of food security as a key determinant to health equity, and engage in a dialogue on food-poverty-health issues.

We believe that by actively engaging in the struggles faced by many household in BC, we will be better positioned to stand in solidarity and to advocate for changes to our province’s social policies: raising the social assistance rates, developing a provincial poverty reduction strategy and taking a health in all policies approach are key outcomes we will be actively supporting in the run up to next year’s provincial election.

Worries you have about doing the challenge: We are healthy eaters with healthy appetites. Food in our neighbourhood is expensive – we are worried about accessing fresh produce and having enough protein in our diet. Boredom, hunger and missing out on social dinners are all concerns. In addition, Kyle’s job is a physical one and he often work 10 hours a day. We are worried he won’t have enough food to sustain him on the job – which further highlights the struggles of people living on less than a living wage in BC.

We were once stranded on a Yukon glacier for 8 days with little food, so we’re hoping we’re well prepared for this Challenge. Right?

Along with core participant Ted Bruce, we will be posting our experiences through the Public Health Association of BC’s social media activities. Please follow our journeys!

Twitte: @PHA_BC

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