Day 5

Hello, my name is Aisha, I’m in grade 11 at Princess Margaret Secondary. Our Leadership teachers and a group of students are doing the Welfare challenge. I’m sorry I didn’t send this sooner but i really didn’t feel like doing anything when the challenge started. I’m also new to twitter and don’t really know how to do alot of things on there. I haven’t spent all of $26 yet, i’ve actually only spent $18.44, and out of the money i’ve spent, i’ve still got a few crackers, two small fruit things, 3 soups, over half a carton of eggs, bread, and I did have parogies until my brother decided to eat them without my knowledge. I thought this would be easy but when the week started i realized i should have organized what i was eating better. I could’ve eaten more then i did and avoided my dizzy moments, and felling so low!!

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