Day 4

No pictures for the blog today.  Too tired and irritable.  It’s actually quite stressful having to portion out food and trying to think about how to stretch it so I don’t run out.  I can’t imagine having to do this with all the other household expenses like toilet paper and shampoo.  I can’t imagine doing this all the time.  
I’m also very very sick of eating the same thing over and over.  I’m sorry I cheated with the spices but at the same time so grateful.  That chili would have probably been unbearable by now if it didn’t have that little kick I couldn’t afford.
My husband pulled out an ice cream sandwich last night while we were watching TV.  I almost cried.  Well, not really but I did whine very loudly that it could have sounded like crying.
I’ve even thought about collecting sugar or ketchup packets from fast food places.  Haha but that’s not only low level stealing (since I’m not actually buying anything there) but I’m pretty sure it’s also not allowed in the challenge guidelines.
I know I shouldn’t be whining as there are real people out there who face this daily…but I’m really looking forward to being finished.
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