Day 2

This is our splurge day – roast chicken. I would have saved it for later in the week, but the strategy involves using every bit of the chicken up over time. So after roasting, the remaining meat was taken off the bones (there was 2 cups – it was a small chook, less than 3 lbs.) and simmered with a piece of carrot and onion for several hours to yield 3.5 cups of chicken stock. This was chilled and the hard fat taken off the top and saved (usually I throw it out). The stock jelled, which is a sign that it is good and strong!

Back to the roast chicken: Derek got a leg & thigh and I took both wings. This with gravy and a side of roasted onion, carrot and potato was pretty satisfying although the meat portion was smaller than our usual.

After having unlimited access to as much tea, coffee, juices, dairy, it’s a shock to be without flavour and caffeine. The box of 20 Tea bags and can of frozen orange punch was a way to take the edge off. I found that by brewing the tea for a little longer I could squeeze 3.5 cups out of my allocated tea bag. This would run out at lunch and after that, I made “lemon tea” with a sliver of lemon, no tea at all. With just 1 lemon, the same sliver stays in the bottom of the cup for the remainder of the day and evening to be “refreshed” with more hot water. By evening the lemon tea-less tea is essentially hot water, and we are looking forward to a new day!

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